Welcome to Janelle's School of Irish Dance!

In IRISH DANCE, our goal & commitment is:

  • to provide instruction to students committed to the development of the disciplines and enjoyment of Irish dance
  • to help young people discover and develop skills and abilities, to build individual confidence and give students support and encouragement in their personal growth
  • to uphold/teach a standard of modesty and wholesomeness throughout - in manner, conduct, atmosphere, instruction, and in the dance itself

Dance School Owner - Miss Janelle

  • Janelle's School of Irish Dance was established in 2006.
  • Hundreds of students have been taught over the years and many different levels of Irish dance are being taught modern, as well as traditional Irish Ceili and step dance in hard shoe and soft shoe.
  • The school is committed to professionalism, and quality education in the teaching of the skills, technique, and art of Irish dance.